IAF – Shalom Yerushalayim

​The Shalom Yerushalayim Center, an initiative of the IAF, was established in order to educate men and women of faith about the Biblical significance of Jerusalem, and the important issues that tie us together as Christians and Jews. It was pioneered by the late Rabbi Benny Elon, who was founding President of the IAF, former Minister of Tourism, and former Chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.


The goal of the Shalom Yerushalayim Center is to educate and inspire the grassroots and the decision-makers alike to strengthen their support for the united City of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.

** For more information on scheduling and visiting the Shalom Yerushalayim Center, visit this page.


The Shalom Yerushalayim Center offers spiritual leaders and politicians a location to meet face-to-face and develop a strategy for educating their constituencies about the importance of a united Jerusalem, and to pressure their respective governments to move their embassies to Israel’s capital. The center will act as a staging point for them to interact with Israeli leaders and citizens of Jerusalem. The Shalom Yerushalayim Center will act as the official headquarters of the IAF and house the offices of the KCAC, and the focal point for tours and delegations.


  • To educate others about the importance of a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in order to influence public opinion.
  • To train Christian tours and delegations so that they can contribute to the campaign for a united Jerusalem.
  • To act as a meeting place for world leaders who wish to promote the issue of a united Jerusalem.
  • To launch an online campaign designed to mobilize supporters of Jerusalem around the world.
  • To mobilize spiritual leaders around the world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.