About the IAF

Pioneered by the late MK Rabbi Binyamin Elon, the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) is dedicated to the purpose of promoting communication and information sharing between parliamentarians and legislators all over the world who share the belief that the State of Israel has the right to exist in peace within secure borders.

In 2004, a group of Israeli Knesset members gathered together to form the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. These Knesset members spanned the spectrum of political parties in Israel. They came together to acknowledge the growing strength of the support for Israel by politicians and leaders worldwide. The Caucus was formed to strengthen ties between Knesset Members and pro-Israel leaders worldwide.

In 2006, the U.S. House of Representatives formed the first reciprocal caucus to the Knesset Caucus; the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus. Since then, additional caucuses have been formed all over the world.

The Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) was formed to become the umbrella for coordinated activities of these caucuses from around the globe. Together they work to bring a unified voice on issues regarding Israel.